That's ONE Crooked Hen!
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‘Cause It’s Kind Of UNKind Witch Craft!

As the sun disappears on this All Hallows Eve and as the folk from the All Hallows Hamlet are excitedly polishing shoes and dusting their finest hats as they dress to impress to celebrate the Festival of Samhain – NOT everyone wants to enjoy this special evening!

For here inside the Harum Scarum Emporium which is carefully shielded by the prickliest thorn bushes and whispering trees in the bleakest part of the hamlet and with no fabulous frock to wear or a sumptuous banquet to enjoy – the reclusive and unfriendly crone Claire Eno is busy pottering about and cooking up some rather unusual elixr.

As there are no visitors here and Claire’s only friend is the ancient recipe book that has been in her family for as long as anyone can remember – she concocts a vast array of nasty potions from the beautiful flowers, nourishing berries and healing plants which she gathers every day at dusk and even though they all gather dust on the cobwebby shelves – Claire is unable to stop weaving her unkind magick.

BUT could a surprise visit from that Little Big Cat change everything?

“When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, may luck be yours on Halloween.” ~ Anon

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