To Merryworth?
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Light UP for Hope!

“We must expect finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”

Martin Luther King

Today is Advent Sunday – the first day of Advent and the beginning of a time of waiting, reflection and hopefulness as we prepare to welcome the arrival of Jesus into our lives – once more.

Here in Merryworth Town and as our excited young mice open the first doors of their Advent Calendar – the Rev. Suze waits outside St M’s Parish Church on this beautiful and frosty morning.

And with the enticing smell of delicious mince pie baking wafting through the cold air – she is waiting for Mary to arrive to light our FIRST Advent Candle inside the church.

Although Mary was VERY excited to have been invited to light the first Advent Candle – she is VERY forgetful and even though she will often struggle to remember the simplest things and becomes upset and confused very easily – the mice of Merryworth ALWAYS try to help Mary live her best life.

But with NO sign of Mary and with a promised visit to Grandpa Joe who has been taken ill with the coughs and sneezes – the Rev. Suze potters inside St M’s Church…

As the sun shines through the old windows – the Rev. Suze lights our FIRST Advent Candle which reminds us of the importance of hope.

And with a VERY busy few weeks of Advent planned – the Rev. Suze remains hopeful that she will find the time to enjoy a little Christmas baking too!

See It. Feel It. Breathe It. Magick and Beauty Are ALL Around You!

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