To Merryworth?
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Light UP for Love!

“Love is the song of the soul; singing to God.”

Paramahansa Yogananda

Today is the Fourth Sunday of Advent and a time for patience, reflection, peace and hopefully a time for lots of joyful singing as we prepare to welcome the arrival of Jesus into our lives – once more.

Here in Merryworth Town and as St M’s Choir warm up their vocal chords in the snug vestry and in anticipation of a VERY special Christmas Eve – Choir Master Roland is waiting for Mary to arrive to light our FOURTH Advent Candle.

Although Mary was VERY excited to have been invited to light the first, second, third AND fourth Advent Candles – she is VERY forgetful and even though she will often struggle to remember the simplest things and becomes upset and confused very easily – the mice of Merryworth ALWAYS try to help Mary live her best life.

But with NO sign of Mary and in anticipation of a VERY busy morning of song rehearsals  – Choir Master Roland potters over to the Advent Wreath with the candle snuffer.

And as the sound of joyful singing rings ever louder from the vestry and into the nave – Choir Master Roland lights our FIRST Advent Candle of hope, our SECOND Advent Candle of peace, our THIRD Candle of joy and finally our FOURTH Candle of love which reminds us of the importance of those moments we can ALL cherish.

As it promises to be a VERY busy Christmas Eve here at St M’s and Choir Master Roland loves nothing more than the sound of joyful voices rocking the rafters of our old church – he’s VERY excited!

See It. Feel It. Breathe It. Magick and Beauty Are ALL Around You!

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