At Home With Lord Byron...
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The Ghost of Piccadilly

Inspired by the life of this fabulous poet – the Ghost of Piccadilly is the story of a 12th scale historical house which has enjoyed world wide recognition.

And a story FAR from over!

Follow me as I step across the threshold of Number 13 and take you inside the fabulous world of Lord Byron and that of his family as he lived at Piccadilly Terrace in the year 1815.

Watch as I recreate his lifestyle in miniature as faithfully as possible and along the way – you’ll learn something about the dazzling Regency era too!

Do you adore the Regency era and have a fascination for historical characters and are captivated by a time synonymous with elegance and romance?

Or would you love to take a peep behind closed doors and hear the tales of scandal and intrigue in an era of hard work and ravenous appetites?

This is THE world for YOU!

See It. Feel It. Breathe It. Magick and Beauty Are ALL Around You!

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