Those Efflorescent Tales!
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Chocolate? How EGGstraordinary!

After the austerity of Lent, Easter ALWAYS calls for something a little special in the way of floral design and my plans for the 12th scale church in the Parish of St M’s one year were NO exception!

And as the liturgical colours for the church at Easter are yellow and gold – I decided to create two arrangements with the use of these fancy pedestals which are typically used for the display of a painted egg.

Using a combination of real chocolate eggs, some stunning paper leaves, snippets of Conifer along with other bits of fauna I had snaffled from my garden and with a handful of fine silver wire and my trusty scissors; my first step was to attach a piece of DRY Floral Foam to the top of the pedestal.

With the snippets of Conifer and inspired by the shape of the humble triangle, I begin the design of my arrangement.

I should add that Conifer remains one of my absolute favourite faunas to work with as it has a gorgeous colour, the appearance of being ‘freshly picked’ for many weeks and a heady scent which I simply adore!

I also employ the use of fine silver wire for those snippets of Conifer which require more flexibility in which to arrange.

Adding the paper leaves to the arrangement was less troublesome as they were already wired and so it was just a case of arranging them as shown.

And now for the REAL fun!

In order to add the eggs to the arrangement, I made a tiny hole at the base of the egg with my trusty tool of all trades and having inserted a piece of silver wire which I then cut to size, the egg could be arranged in the dry foam with ease.

As the eggs were a little larger than I would have liked (NOW, there’s a first! ME complaining about the size of a piece of chocolate!) I only needed five for this arrangement.

And with all the eggs now in place, I added pieces of dried twig and continued to add more snippets of the Conifer here and there.

For those of you who are familiar with my floral creations, you’ll know that I love to use ‘real’ foliage when I can and that I am an enthusiastic ‘harvester’ who loves to take advantage of the free pickings from the hedgerows and bridleways around me!

With the design nearly complete; it’s time to add the finishing touch with some tiny pieces of fresh moss which I love working with!

I use the moss to fill in any of the small gaps that remain until I am happy with the design and after a gentle spray with misted water from top to bottom, my pedestal arrangement is now complete and ready for display.

Now, what to do with the rest of that chocolate?

What say you?

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