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Blood* Hell! The Windows are Finally Dressed!

Dear Diary,

Can I have a drum roll please?

 For I am delighted to announce that the windows here in Piccadilly Terrace are FINALLY dressed!

For as I was counting down the days to the photo shoot for the Dolls’ House Magazine as well as musing about my plans for the celebration of a ‘Christmas Past’ and with the promise of another exciting possibility or two – I set off on the ‘Road Less Traveled’ as it were.

Yes, I finally found my way to the storage cupboard to locate the box labelled ‘Soft Furnishings for Lord B’s House’ that had been patiently waiting for me and was now covered in a respectable layer of dust.

Although I can handle fabrics I can glue, the sight of needle and thread has always made my heart beat a little faster – and not in a good way!

With a faded instruction sheet in hand and surrounded by a pile of sumptuous silks and an assortment of other essential needlework paraphernalia and while under the watchful eye of a small ball of fluff answering to the name of ‘Murphy’ – I finally created a pair of curtains AND finished them off with the obligatory signature of the Regency – the elaborate swag!

The name of the lavish silk used to dress the windows of the Drawing Room here at Number 13 is called ‘Blood Red’ which is rather appropriate considering that my fingers will bear the scars of that particular day’s work for some time to come!

AND on the day following, I even managed to create some more swags and drapes for the dining room AND with no band aid required!

I will happily admit that I could not have accomplished the task of dressing these windows had it not been for a well-read copy of Sue Heaser’s Curtains who promises the reader that her book will learn ‘just how easy it can be to make quality projects… when expert guidance is at hand’ and how right she was!

Although, I wouldn’t quite agree with her assertion of miniature sewing as a ‘delightful hobby’!

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