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That’s SO Tee Bylo!


And as a fair maiden was foraging through the shelves of her local supermarket on the lookout for something to ‘throw together for a family supper’ she picked up a copy of Dolls’ House Magazine in the hope that a ‘quick read’ would lighten the monotony of all the horrible housework still patiently waiting for her at home.

Hours later and with the housework unfinished and the promise of a cold supper for her poor starving family, the fair maiden realised that she had been left captivated by the wonder of the discoveries that she had made between the pages of this magazine.

And ever since that fateful day, she have been creating her ‘Small Worlds’ and although her passion to design a miniature world remains just as intoxicating and as challenging as ever was; the fair maiden is the first to admit that it has left her a lot lighter in pocket and with her children barefoot and the pantry empty of chocolate biscuits.

However, before you read on – I would like it known that even though my children have now flown the nest; they are STILL speaking to me despite this passion for creating anything and everything in 12th scale!


My name is Tee Bylo and I am a storyteller and miniaturist creating ‘Small Worlds’.

I am also a professional genealogist and grave hunter but THAT is for another tale!

Although I have been creating worlds in 12th scale for many years now – my passion to design a miniature world remains just as intoxicating and as challenging as it ever was.

And with the expansion of my property empire and with more than a little error AND trial – I have learnt new skills and can now distress and kit bash with aplomb, along with my unique techniques for painting and some rather unconventional applications with woodwork.

However, with a myriad of those ‘Small Worlds’ now in private collections, my latest miniature creations have included Number 13 Piccadilly, a Regency abode inspired by the life of the fabulous poet Lord Byron and the All Hallows Hamlet, a collection of fantastical weird and wonderful emporiums and abodes populated by the folk of myth and legend AND where the weird and fabulous collide.


And, in 2010, I began the creation of one of my favourite ‘Small Worlds’ known as St M’s Parish Church which is nestled in the fictional village of Merryworth.

As I was forever dreaming up new ideas for festivals and celebrations – life was far from tranquil within the walls of this small parish; particularly with the arrival of THOSE Merryworth Mice in 2017!

AND who can forget the adventures of one Little Big Cat?


Although I have taken the decision to close the church doors of my beloved St M’s and to give those mice a well-earned rest for now – a new church AND the promise of another adventure awaits!

For with a fascination for ALL church architecture and ecclesiastical history – my present 12th scale ventures include the ambitious design for yet ANOTHER church with a quaint chancel and chunky bell tower, all dressed in old stonework with fierce looking gargoyles and moss in the turrets.

AND there should be a small garden with crooked gravestones and the odd gnarly tree too!

And as I have no doubt that those two Little Big Cats and their friends of the fur and feathered variety will make an appearance – will you join us?


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