To Merryworth?
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Take ME to Church?

Here are just some of the questions I have been asked over the years about St M’s Church, THOSE parishioners and of the stories woven from the Town of Merryworth.

Are the Models Used for Merryworth ‘Real’ Models?

Yes, they are ‘real’ models!

All have been created in 12th scale primarily with the use of MDF, plaster, strip wood, paints, mountboard, papier-mâché, natural foliage and of course with plenty of glue and lots of imagination.

Can I Visit Merryworth?

As the models used for Merryworth have been on private and public display in the past; there are occasions when they can viewed in person and message left on our Guest Book will keep you informed about studio open-days and forthcoming exhibitions.

What’s the Story Behind the Creation of St M’s Church?

From my earliest memories, I have loved exploring our local churches and churches and having worked in many of these wonderful buildings in and around the historic town of Malton in North Yorkshire in the past – the opportunity to recreate this world in 12th scale has been impossible to resist!

My vision has been to create an old church which captures a sense of our history and yet is ever changing, a place for reflection AND with a door that is ALWAYS open!

It could also said to be ‘in the genes’ as many of my paternal and maternal ancestors were skilled craftsman, architects and stonemasons who designed, restored and built many churches throughout the United Kingdom and in my hometown of York including the gothic marvel that York Minster.

Does St M’s Follow the Teachings of a Particular Church?

Although St M’s Parish is inspired by the Church of England ethos and the festivals and holy days are celebrated in accordance with the ecclesiastical calendar – this miniature ministry remains a unique one.

How Can I Follow the Stories from Merryworth?

As well as following the ministry, musings and mishaps from St M’s through the Parish Records, you can also catch those 12th scale parishioners scurrying around on our social media platforms – just look for the icons below!

Remember to look out for #LittleBigChapel or #Merryworth and #LittleBigCat too!

How Can I Learn More About YOUR Work Tee?

My portfolio on all things in 12th scale including the Parish Archives from St M’s can be discovered here on That’s SO Tee Bylo!

However, you can also visit Death Becometh Her if you want to explore the darker side of my world as I go in search of the dead!

Tell Me the Inspiration for those Merryworth Mice?

Since the beginning of my work at St M’s in 2010; I resisted the idea of using any form of character ‘doll’ as my vision had always been one in which I could ‘set the scene’ with a hint of the human presence by which to encourage the visitor to weave the narrative and their sense of understanding about the unfolding tale before them.

However, as my designs continued to evolve, I fell in love with the idea of creating a gang of unique characters who could inhabit the world of St M’s and in 2017 – THOSE church mice appeared.

And Your Plans for Merryworth?

Although I have taken the decision to close the doors of my beloved St M’s Church and to give those mice a well-earned rest for now – a new church AND the promise of another adventure awaits!

Why not join me?

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