To the All Hallows Hamlet?

‘See It, Feel It, Breathe It. Magick and Beauty Are All Around You’

As the sun goes down and you find yourself in need of a little retail therapy then why not join me for a unique shopping experience?

Welcome to the All Hallows Hamlet, a collection of fantastical weird and wonderful emporiums and abodes populated by the folk of myth and legend AND where the weird and fabulous collide!

Whether you are in want of a black rabbit, a herbal cure for that headache or like me you find yourself rather partial to some delicious candy…

Or maybe you would like to make an impression by wearing a unique hat or to add to your literary knowledge of all things mystical?

Perhaps you are in search of some food for your pet Dragon or you fancy the idea of buying a loved one a beautiful Orchis Fatalis from the ‘Fetid Flora Flower Shoppe’?

And if after all of this shopping, you find yourself in need of a little light refreshment, there are a couple of eateries that may tempt you…

However, you do need to keep an open mind as you peruse the menu!

Yes, I can promise you that a visit to All Hallows Hamlet will certainly make an impression upon you and will hopefully leave you a little lighter in pocket!

And as the doors of to The OtherWorldly Emporium have now opened – why not indulge in a ‘little’ retail therapy as you browse the shelves of a magikcal emporium and linger over the intoxicating array of exclusive notions and potions designed to entice your imagination AND your wallet?

The OtherWorldly Emporium

‘Creating Magick in Miniature’