Let’s Go to Mr Madrigal’s House!


“I was glad when they said to me, ‘Let us go to the Lord’s house.’ And now we are here”

AND yes, we are indeed in the Lord’s house or the home of Mr Madrigal as he is known here in St M’s.

Sunday January 22 2017 was our annual Homeless Sunday and throughout many of our churches here in the UK, it has become the day in which to connect with those affected by homelessness and to challenge the perception and the conditions which have lead to it and also to celebrate the work undertaken by those who remain passionate of the need to alleviate homelessness for all.

And so it was with a very glad heart when I discovered that those mice cheered on by the Rev. Suze had decided to take part in Homeless Sunday 2017 and that they had ‘cooked up’ a unique plan to do their bit for those who have no home to call their own.

Having arrived at the newly renovated St Margaret’s Parish Church after a fresh lick of paint, a gift of some new chairs and with a beautiful new pulpit and all with its kinder-on-the-eye flooring and softer underfoot for those mice scurrying about; the Rev. Suze was thrilled to finally open the heavy oak church door to welcome everybody on this very chilly day.

Being careful not to wake Angus who was wrapped up in his cozy blanket and was now sleeping peacefully, the Rev. Suze had to tip-toe very quietly around the church to move the tables and chairs into place before she could bring the hot food that had been made that morning from the kitchen of St M’s Parish Hall.

And as the first visitors started to arrive at midday, the Rev. Suze began to serve up the bowls of delicious beef goulash which had been made from an old family recipe and kindly shared with the folk of St M’s for this special day.

Unfortunately there was lots of work to do as several of the mice who had promised to help, decided to stay away because of the cold weather and because the Rev. Suze could offer nothing stronger than a mug of tea – however, she was thrilled when Philly turned up to help her!

And as today was also the birthday of Philly’s favourite poet Lord Byron, she had spent her morning baking a batch of cupcakes to share with everyone here at St M’s and she made sure that a special cupcake was put aside for the Rev. Suze who Philly knew loved nothing more than eating cake!

One of the first members of the church to arrive was Grandpa Joe and although now too frail to help the Rev. Suze and Philly with serving the lunch and despite the chilly day; he had come to the St M’s clutching a generous donation from his tiny pension pot to give to the Homeless Sunday Fund.

And although Everil had been very busy that morning and had been running around making lots of mugs of tea and attending to the washing up; she is always happy to stop whatever she is doing to chat with visitors to her church and she was delighted to see Grandpa Joe out and about on this cold day.

Enticed by the smell of delicious food wafting through the cold January air and being the curious feline she is; Minnie B had also decided to potter into St M’s Church to see what was going on.

Now, as Minnie B is known for her legendary and ravenous appetite, she was delighted to see the Rev. Suze inside the church for she could always wangle a yummy snack from her and seeing that there was a bowl of beef goulash left uneaten; she was one happy feline when the Rev. Suze offered it to her!

And just as she was about to tuck in; who should appear but Murphy!

Now, being the considerate feline that he is, he gently reminded Minnie B of the reason for this Homeless Sunday and that no matter how much she may have wanted it; her bowl of goulash would be appreciated by someone who was much less fortunate that she was and more importantly; they really needed it.

And as much as she didn’t really want to listen what Murphy was telling her, Minnie B knew that he really was the kindest feline in this parish and she now felt embarrassed that she had taken no notice of Donald who had sat huddled under his tatty blanket outside the church porch as she had hurried past.

And leaving aside that bowl of goulash, Minnie B wandered outside to invite Donald to come inside the warm church and to share in her delicious lunch!

I hope that you have enjoyed this visit to St M’s and meeting some of those mice and if you want to learn more more about Homeless Sunday or have a go at making Ken Smith’s Delicious Beef Goulash to share with your loved ones – click on the links and until then – we send you the very best of wishes!