The Lady Takes Charge!

Dear Annabella,

Not having any idea of yr leaving Seaham so soon, there are some Letters upon ye road but they are of no Signification.

I have just been at the House, to tell ye Servants that your Housemaid was on her way – & to prevent her being refused admission.

I have also been at the House Brokers & as Ld B will be in Town so Soon he thinks some sort of Agreement may then be drawn up, for ye time he has taken it…

So there is no necessity for your sending such a direction to any Upholsterer, as the maid you send will probably be competent to look over ye Inventory & take charge of ye things…

There is no Linnen to go with the House, nor Glasses nor Knives & forks, Spoons &c

The only things left, are the Kitchen Utensils of all Sorts – Pewter for ye Servants – & some White Wedgwood plates & Dishes & crockery ware for all ye rooms.

You will therefore most probably give yr Servt directions about any things you may want and if I can be of any use, employ me sans ceremonie…

Tell Ld B I wrote him a Letter Yesterday being in a gracious humour – otherwise I should have taken no more notice of him that he has of me lately…

But I wanted to send him This extraordinary News & also an Acct of Kean in Rd ye 2d.

Nothing further is Known about Napoleon to day.

Aunt Melbourne

11th March 1815

Dramatis Personae:

‘Annabella’ Anne Isabella Lady Noel Byron (1792-1860)

‘Ld B’ George Gordon Lord Noel Byron (1788-1824)

‘Kean’ Edmund Kean (1787-1833) Actor

‘Napoleon’ Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) Emperor and Military Leader

‘Aunt Melbourne’ Elizabeth Lamb Viscountess Melbourne (1751-1818) Aunt to Lady Byron and Confidant of Lord Byron