Those Little Folk!

​”Many small people, in small places, doing small things can change the world​” ~ Edwardo Galeano

They say that great things come in small packages and those folk from the All Hallows Hamlet are NO exception!

The characters are the work of the fabulous Jain Squires from The Giddy Kipper and I’ve had a great time dreaming up the tales to keep these small folk busy!

The ‘Little Big Cats’ have been created for me by the wonderful Pearl from Literature in Miniature and they ARE the ONLY animal, domestic or otherwise permitted unlimited visitation rights to the ‘Small Worlds’ that I create!

The inspiration for Little Big Cat is a Persian fluff-ball who moves like the speed of light, has a penchant for lime-green feathers and can on occasion be extremely vocal; particularly when a basket of grooming implements comes into view!

He will sometimes answer to the name of Murphy…

And the exciting tales of Little Big Cat look set to continue with the debut appearance of ANOTHER fluff-ball who enjoys a ravenous appetite, has a fondness for cuddles and will, on occasion answer to the name of Minnie B!

AND so without further ado – let’s take a peek at these little folk and felines who potter around the All Hallows Hamlet…

‘Bella Pendle’

‘Minnie B’

‘Claire Eno’

‘Murphy B’

‘Polly Fawlty’

‘Ethel Pinchot’

‘Tilly Simms’

‘Monsignor Suárez’