Welcome to the Town of Merryworth!

Nestled in a fictional place – Merryworth Town is a 12th scale model village and St M’s Church, a parish hall and a collection of shops including ‘Mollie’s Tea Room’ and the ‘Leaf & Maple Flower Shop’ are all to be discovered there.

St M’s is also home to a gang of unique mice, a brood of chickens AND two Little Big Cats who love nothing more than sharing the tales of their musings, ministry and mishaps from Merryworth Town.

Although I should add that I’m usually the one attending to most of the work including the designing, creating, researching, blogging AND the cleaning up!

However, as I remain hopeful that I will get to enjoy the occasional ‘hot’ cup of tea and before those parishioners have made their presence felt – I shall enjoy sharing a ‘little’ more about me.

From my earliest memories I have always loved exploring our local parish churches and the opportunity to recreate MY world in 12th scale has been impossible to resist!

And my vision has been to create an old church that captures a sense of our history and yet is ever changing as well as being a place for reflection and thanksgiving.

As my ideas for St M’s have grown, so have the properties AND with another church, a village shop and a manse in varying stages of the embryonic design process, I have been happily dreaming up so many new festivals, feast days, fundraising ideas and fun for this 12th scale parish that unless I live until the year 2120 – I fear that most are likely to be sadly unrealised!

Fortunately, the vision for St M’s Parish Hall HAS been realised and this old and quaint parish hall has been created as a place for celebration and busy social interaction.

And as every parishioner, fictional or otherwise needs a ‘little’ something to buy, eat AND love; the creation of St M’s Parish with its impressive huddle of emporiums has also been created and with plans for the ‘Mallow & Teasel Gift Shop’ nearing completion, there will be an opportunity to buy and enjoy a ‘little something’ from St M’s for yourself or a loved one.

But until then, it also remains THE best place in which to enjoy a well-earned cuppa!