That’s ONE Crooked Hen!

Are the Models from the All Hallows Hamlet ‘Real’ Models?

Yes, they are ‘real’ models! And all have been created in 12th scale.

Can I Visit the All Hallows Hamlet?

As the models used as part of the All Hallows Hamlet have been on private and public display in the past; there are occasions when they can ‘seen’ in person and a sign up to ‘Cuppa Tee’ will keep you informed about our studio open-days and forthcoming exhibitions.

What is the Story Behind the Creation of the Models for the All Hallows Hamlet?

Many of the structures have been created primarily with the use of MDF, plaster, strip wood, paints, mountboard, papier-mâché, natural foliage and of course with plenty of glue and lots of imagination!

However, some have been designed with the use of an eclectic assortment of materials including a huge plant pot, chicken wire, a tree stump, bicycle wheel and even an old and grotty plastic waste bin!

Can I Follow the Stories About the All Hallows Hamlet?

You can join Tee as she weaves that special ‘magick’ from the confines of a crowded shed at the bottom of her garden or from her studio in the heart of York.

Why the Creation of the All Hallows Hamlet?

A day dreamer since birth and a natural creative with a passion for the unique and mystical – the idea of creating a hamlet of weird and wonderful emporiums and abodes populated by the folk of myth and legend was impossible for Tee to resist.

And even though Tee has been creating ‘Small Worlds’ for many years now; the passion to continue with the design and expansion of this fantastical world remains just as intoxicating!

Tell Me the Inspiration for the Tales about the ‘Small Folk’…

With an instinctive gift for weaving stories and as her designs for the All Hallows Hamlet continued to evolve; Tee fell in love with the idea of a gaggle of unique characters to inhabit this fantastical world and with the help of Jain from the Giddy Kipper and Pearl from Literature in Miniature the tales have begun to unfold!

And now having created the first of her ‘Little Folk’ –  an Irish elf who answers to the name of ‘Seamus Quinn’; her imagination is now soaring to new heights!

And the Plans for the All Hallows Hamlet?

As there are structures in the design and creation process including a Christmas Grotto, flower shop, patisserie; barista bar and herbarium – there is plenty to keep the artist and those ‘Small Folk’ busy for some time to come!

And as the doors to The OtherWorldly Emporium have FINALLY opened; there is now the opportunity to indulge in a little retail therapy and buy a ‘little something’ from the All Hallows Hamlet for yourself or a loved one.

Can I Share the Information and the Images from the All Hallows Hamlet on My Website or Blog?

Of course! However, all we ask is that you will remember to fully and accurately credit the artist and her work. Thank you!