My Dear Mousers…

Dear Mousers, hello and welcome to the ministry, musings AND mishaps from the unique world of St M’s in the Town of Merryworth.

I am delighted that you will be joining me in what promises to be an exciting time for this miniature parish AND as THOSE mice will be joining us on our travels – I cannot wait to see the adventures which await us!

“Resolution One: I Will Live for God…”

Although the models used for Merryworth were lovingly designed and cherished by me some time ago, they took something of a battering during my sad move to York in 2014 and as life became ever more difficult and my creativity and optimism deserted me; I left them to unhappily languish in the cold isolation of my shed.

And when in the dying days of a long summer – I FINALLY listened to that little voice telling me that it was time to return to my ministry and having moved them to my large studio here in York and despite the long working days – they have now been restored to their former glory.

I share this sorry tale with you as a reminder that no matter how beaten and disappointed life can leave us – there is ALWAYS hope BUT only if we NEVER stop hoping!

“Resolution Two: If No One Else Does, I Still Will.” ~ Jonathan Edwards

I was glad when they said to me, ‘Let us go to the Lord’s house.’ And now we are here… Psalm 22:1

And one bitterly cold January morning – the doors of St M’s Parish Church opened once more and having gone to the trouble of creating a feast of tasty goulash in polymer clay for the less fortunate of the parish – I was also determined to put THOSE mice to work that day.

I should add that the mice who braved the cold to offer support and raise awareness for those who have no home they can call their own – well, they did me proud!

Now, here’s to making our world a better place  – one mouse at a time!

P.S. I will let you into a little secret – our friend God is known as ‘Mr Madrigal’ here at St M’s…